• 09October
    In Craft Kitchen gastropaba offer guests 13 types of delicacies from a game and seafood and also 7 kinds of caviar. Details
    Smoked fish, dried game, sausages and caviar to Craft Kitchen are brought from the best farms of Karelia, Primorsky Krai, Khabarovsk and Astrakhan. From a bear offer raw smoked sausage (240 rub of/30 g) and juicy chorizo (350 rub of/30 g), from a deer here – pastrami (240 rub of/30 g), from an elk – dry cured sausage (260 rub of/30 g) and also sujuk from beef (200 rub of/30 g). In addition, the choice of fish delicacies is presented in the menu: cold-smoked Siberian salmon (200 rub of/50 g), salmon (250 rub of/50 g), light-salted salmon of own preparation (340 rub of/50 g). The special attention in the Craft Kitchen menu is deserved by caviar bar. In this section offer guests at choice of 7 types of caviar: a sazan, a pike perch, a herring, a pollock, a cod on 150 rub for 30 g, a pike and a salmon on 390 rub for 30 g Besides, there is an opportunity to order a set – allsorts from each type of caviar on toasts from the Borodino bread for 490 rub. It is possible to diversify the choice with useful snack which especially will be to the taste to those who keep a figure: vegetable straws with a cauliflower and sauce of a tsatsika (300 rub), a mix from buckwheat and rice chips with sauce of a tapenad (290 rub), smoked almonds (290 rub).
  • 23August
    Interior and play area: The interior of Craft Kitchen was worked by the team of architect Maria Zhukova MMZ PROJECT (Burger & Pizzetta, Erwin, Duran Bar, Food Embassy, etc.). Details
    At the entrance of the guests meets a glass refrigerator with barrels of draft beer, followed by a large contact bar made of polished concrete. The wall behind the bar is decorated with 2 author's stained glass paintings with mirror inserts, on the other wall you can see a hand-painted map of beer styles around the world. An important role in space is assigned to the lighting solution and the game area with screens for sports broadcasts, table football, hockey and professional darts.
  • 18August
    Beer from all over the world! The geography of bottled and draft beer in Craft Kitchen ranges from Japan to Ireland, the Craft Kitchen is represented by more than 300 varieties that are in constant rotation. Details
    Prices for draft beer - from 290 rubles. for a glass. Helps to orientate in a wide range and choose the perfect couple for the chosen dish professional beer sommelier. Also, each guest of Craft Kitchen can taste one of four beer sets: light, dark, fruity and a complete set of all 16 varieties.

other news

  • With the arrival of cloudy autumn days in Italian restaurants, il FORNO presented a menu with bright seasonal novelties.
    Cold soups were replaced by saturated warming: tomato soup with creamy burrata cheese (389 rubles), aromatic mushroom broth with mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, porcini mushrooms, potatoes and bulgur (599 rubles), cream pumpkin soup (499 rubles). A real palette of Mediterranean flavors can be found in a selection of 8 crispy bruschettes with various toppings (1299 rubles), and seafood lovers will definitely like carpaccio octopus with cherry potatoes, beans, tajaska olives and baked pepper sauce (799 rubles). Slices of bottarga pressed with dried bluefin tuna are spread on a pizza with the speaking name Con Bottarga (699 rubles), and grated roasted spaghetti with squid, Kenyan beans and chili pepper (749 rubles). Also in il FORNO appeared piquant spaghetti with lobster and tobasco sauce (1999 rub.) And pasta pappardelle "Portofino", a unique recipe of which was brought to Moscow from the fishing town of the same name in the northern part of Italy. And for a dessert for tea or coffee, the pastry chef recommends ordering a taten of dozens of thinly sliced ​​sweet apples with tea and caramel sauce (399 rubles). Close
  • The il FORNO restaurant on Kutuzovsky this year participates in the Moscow Gastronomic Festival. From October 1 to October 31 the special tasting set for 1.900 rub can be tried in il FORNO on Kutuzovsky Avenue.
    The chef of il FORNO on Kutuzovsky Alexey Besedin created a set from 4 classical Mediterranean dishes with emphasis on seafood. The set begins with a lung abruptly from a salmon accompanied by the slightly smoked sour cream. Further – paste of Maltagliati with sated a bolognese from a seabass and squids on a grill with potatoes and saffron-yellow sauce of aioli. The finishing chord - the Sicilian tubules of cannoli with gentle cream from ricotta. Close
  • The Burger&Pizzetta restaurant this year participates in the Moscow Gastronomic Festival. From October 1 to October 31 the special tasting set for 1.900 rub can be tried in Burger&Pizzetta!
    The big tasting set in Burger&Pizzetta represents set of dishes hits. On snack - avocado squids grills salad in fresh tomatoes sauce. Act as the main courses updated the 5 cheeses pizzett from a chatna from mango and also burger on specialty roll бриошь with goat cheese in wood ashes, fresh leaves of spinach, cranberry jam, pomegranate sauce and walnuts. Garnishes for burger two - the big-head's zucchini in an almond breading and sweet potatoes sweet potato with sauces of a tsatsika and to the guakamola. For a dessert offer mousse from avocado with the Chile passion fruit sauce and a sand crumb. Close
  • Restaurant Burger & Pizzetta in the SEC "European" continues to please its guests with a beneficial cocktail "2 + 1": when buying two cocktails of the same name, the third - as a gift.
    In autumn, this special offer spread immediately to two cocktails: the classic Aperol Spritz with orange chips (450 rubles) and a young Italian Hugo based on sparkling wine with elderberry syrup (450 rubles). In addition to the refreshing drinks participating in the action, the chief bartender of the restaurant Oleg Kashin offers Burger & Pizzetta guests 14 cocktails, among which are classic ones - Margarita based on tequila (380 rubles), ginger Moscow Mule (330 rubles) and spicy Campari Negroni 390 rubles), and exotic - Pina Colada (360 rubles). Close
  • The construction of a new meat restaurant with a burger gourmet called 800 ° C Contemporary Steak is in full swing in a freestanding two-story building on the Patriarch's Ponds.
    For the preparation of meat, unique technologies and furnaces will be used here, which have no analogues in Russia. There will be a clear menu of the highest quality products, as well as branded burgers and mashed potatoes with various additives. The chef of the project was Sergey Balashov (Beeftro, "Limonchino", Burger & Pizzetta), who spent 3 months at the well-known restaurant Beefbar in Monaco under the direction of Chef Thierry Paludetto. Address: Bolshoy Patriarshy Pereulok, Building 6, p. 1. Close
  • The big seasonal menu of the Italian restaurants il FORNO was replenished with dishes with the Crimean black truffle.
    This mushroom of the chef is called gastronomic diamond, and guests of restaurants choose dishes with truffle for bright many-sided aroma. It is considered to be that ideal truffle grows only in France and Italy, but actually it can also be found on the coast of the Black Sea. In the Crimea truffle meets at a depth of 10-15 centimeters underground in young oak and beechen underbrushes. From there also gets on kitchens of il FORNO restaurants. Here sprinkle a generous portion of petals of black Crimean truffle on carpaccio from marbled beef with juicy mustard sauce (1499 rub) and juicy fillet of beef which chiefs serve on a pillow from mushroom ragout with chanterelles, oyster mushrooms, champignons and cepes (2599 rub). Also in the seasonal menu it is possible to find safe classical combinations - gentle Parmidzhano risotto with truffle (1499 rub) and tagliatelle in black truffle sauce (1399 rub). Close


Craft Kitchen: A new gastropub from il FORNO Group

The restaurant holding company il FORNO Group is proud to present a new gastropub offering three hundred varieties of bottled and draft beer, international cuisine, a game area, live broadcasts of major sporting events, and a panoramic view of the Russian capital.

Craft Kitchen opened its doors in August 2017 at the Euro Mall, next to the holding's another project, the Burger & Pizzetta restaurant. The kitchen is managed by the chef Alexander Borzenko (Glenuill, Zupperia, Bread & Meat), and the beer selection, by il FORNO's head bartender Oleg Kashin. The philosophy beyond the gastronomy is foodpairing, so the majority of the dishes - the sauce for the molten chocolate cake included - are prepared with beer as one of the ingredients.

The culinary virtuosos of Craft Kitchen experiment with Oriental flavors, offering Magadan shrimps smoked on premises with pearwood chips (400 rubles for one-person serving), Volga crayfish fried in soy sauce with garlic and fresh chili (710 rubles for one-person serving), seven kinds of caviar (from 150 rubles for 30 g), and vegetables pickled in oak barrels (from 100 rubles per 100 g). The beer snacks section includes but is not limited to bear, elk, coho salmon, and broad whitefish (from 200 rubles for 50 g) as well as healthy food alternatives: vegetable straws with cauliflower and tzatziki (300 rubles) and buckwheat, rice, and shrimp fitness chips mix with tapenade sauce (290 rubles). In the soup section, the chef recommends the fragrant Thai tom yum with squid and shrimps (490 rubles) and the thick German lentil soup with sausages (300 rubles). Some of the items worth trying among the main courses are pulled beef sous vide with celery root gratin rapide and green peas (660 rubles), crispy chicken fillet with bresaola, camembert, and potato balls (790 rubles), and sea bass fish & chips in beer batter (590 rubles).

With the geography of bottled and draft beer extending from Japan to Ireland, the Craft Kitchen selection is represented by more than 300 varieties in constant rotation. Draft beer prices start from 290 rubles a glass. A professional beer sommelier is ready to assist guests with choosing the precise sort to match the dishes ordered. Also, every Craft Kitchen guest is welcome to taste one of four beer sets: pale, dark, fruit, or the full (16-variety) set.

The new gastropub's interior design is yet another creation of the architect Maria Zhukova and the MMZ PROJECT team (Burger & Pizzetta, Erwin, Duran Bar, Food Embassy, and others). The first thing guests see upon entering is a glass cold room with barrels of draft beer, followed by a large classic bar counter of polished concrete. The wall behind the bar is decorated with a pair of authentic stained glass paintings with mirror inserts, while the other wall sports a hand-painted world map of beer styles. The game area featuring wide-screens for sports broadcasts, foosball, table hockey, and pro darts, as well as an original lighting solution, contribute to the ambience of the place.

Average check: 1,500 rubles.
Opening hours: Sun - Thu 11:00 to 23:00, Fri - Sat 11:00 to 00:00.
Phone: +7 (495) 968 53 73
Address: Kievsky Station Square, 2, Euro Mall
2nd floor, the Berlin atrium


TC Evropeysky, square. Kiev station, 2nd floor, atrium Berlin

Tel.:+7 (495) 968 53 73


Working hours:
Mon-Thu 10.00 a.m. - 23.00 a.m.
Fri-Sun 10.00 a.m. - 00.00 p.m.