• 28November
    Since December 5, 2017 il FORNO Group start delivery from a gastropab of Craft Kitchen through a uniform mobile application of holding. Details
    To the order home and in office all dishes of the main menu, including Bao on steam rice rolls, фиш&чипс from a seabass in a beer batter, 6 specialty fresh salads, 3 species of shrimps, soups, meat dishes, various snack, delicacies to beer will be available and not only. Through the application it will be possible to order 16 grades of draft beer and the majority of the bottle positions presented at restaurant. The minimum order value will be 1500 rub with accounting of a discount of Craft Kitchen, delivery time – of 60 minutes. Also orders are taken by the main phone of restaurant (in this case discounts don't work), through service FoofFox and the Catery service. The orders made through the application or by phone are delivered within the Third transport ring. The il FORNO Group application is available to downloading in App Store and Google Play. Advantages to users: free shipping, convenient formation of the order, preservation of history, a discount and bonuses, isn't present need of registration. The delivery service works daily from 11:00 till 22:00. * The constant of 10% a discount at the order through a mobile application increases to 20% at each following order within 7 days. ** The discount of 20% which affects also each following order within 7 days is provided to new users at the first order. Google Play: id=com.aregama.ilforno App Store: ls=1&mt=8
  • 09October
    In Craft Kitchen gastropaba offer guests 13 types of delicacies from a game and seafood and also 7 kinds of caviar. Details
    Smoked fish, dried game, sausages and caviar to Craft Kitchen are brought from the best farms of Karelia, Primorsky Krai, Khabarovsk and Astrakhan. From a bear offer raw smoked sausage (240 rub of/30 g) and juicy chorizo (350 rub of/30 g), from a deer here – pastrami (240 rub of/30 g), from an elk – dry cured sausage (260 rub of/30 g) and also sujuk from beef (200 rub of/30 g). In addition, the choice of fish delicacies is presented in the menu: cold-smoked Siberian salmon (200 rub of/50 g), salmon (250 rub of/50 g), light-salted salmon of own preparation (340 rub of/50 g). The special attention in the Craft Kitchen menu is deserved by caviar bar. In this section offer guests at choice of 7 types of caviar: a sazan, a pike perch, a herring, a pollock, a cod on 150 rub for 30 g, a pike and a salmon on 390 rub for 30 g Besides, there is an opportunity to order a set – allsorts from each type of caviar on toasts from the Borodino bread for 490 rub. It is possible to diversify the choice with useful snack which especially will be to the taste to those who keep a figure: vegetable straws with a cauliflower and sauce of a tsatsika (300 rub), a mix from buckwheat and rice chips with sauce of a tapenad (290 rub), smoked almonds (290 rub).
  • 23August
    Interior and play area: The interior of Craft Kitchen was worked by the team of architect Maria Zhukova MMZ PROJECT (Burger & Pizzetta, Erwin, Duran Bar, Food Embassy, etc.). Details
    At the entrance of the guests meets a glass refrigerator with barrels of draft beer, followed by a large contact bar made of polished concrete. The wall behind the bar is decorated with 2 author's stained glass paintings with mirror inserts, on the other wall you can see a hand-painted map of beer styles around the world. An important role in space is assigned to the lighting solution and the game area with screens for sports broadcasts, table football, hockey and professional darts.

other news

  • After the updated menu at Burger&Pizzetta restaurant have expanded the bar card, having offered guests three new warming drink for severe Moscow winter.
    The first novelty - the useful "not tea tea" of a feijoa with citruses (290 rub) having the deep toning taste. Drink is made on the basis of lemon juice with a mix from a feijoa, apples, by mints, cinnamon and honey. Traditional winter mulled wines are presented to Burger&Pizzetta in two variations this winter: with addition of alcohol and without. Mulled wine blackcurrant (400 rub) which is cooked with addition of red wine and the richest with vitamin C of berry, a useful citrus and cranberry drink will "more hotly" be to the taste to fans. As a part of nonalcoholic mulled wine (350 rub) – freshly squeezed juice from juicy oranges and grapefruit, house syrup with spices and a grenadine. It is possible to call all warming novelties due to their useful structure safely winter "vitamin bombs". Close
  • Chef cafe-pizzeria FORNETTO Andrey Ivanov has developed a seasonal menu of dishes with porcini mushrooms, which you will find interesting dishes. White mushrooms, which don't need separate representation, are offered both in the traditional combinations (with potatoes) and "very unusual company," (with shrimp). To make a choice is not easy and really want to try everything!
    Start lunch or dinner with the best salad "Parma" (589 rubles), in which the basis is a classic combination of mushrooms and vegetables. The vegetables are oven baked and maximally preserve all the vitamins, which we lack in the winter! As hot snacks offers crispy arancini with porcini mushrooms (399 rubles). Arancini is not very famous dish of Sicilian cuisine, is fried rice balls with filling. In form and color they resemble an orange — have an uplifting snack! Arancini served with tomato salsa, which perfectly sets off the taste of mushrooms makes the dish spicy. Excellent company arancini is a fragrant soup of roasted pumpkin with mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes (359 rubles). Light and delicate soup perfectly warms in cold weather! As the second course offers roasted cherry potatoes with porcini mushrooms and shavings of cheese (399 rubles), a ragout of porcini mushrooms, shrimp and artichokes (539 rubles), gnocchi with porcini mushrooms, Parmesan and sage (429 rubles) and lasagna Mare a Monte with mushrooms and shrimp (689 rubles). Each dish is a wonderful combination of Italian and Russian gastronomic traditions. We are waiting for you in the FORNETTO! Close
  • Burger&Pizzetta restaurants will open on B. Nikitskaya Street and in Broadcasting Company of Vegas soon City Crocus for now in "European" the chef Bili Shabani has submitted the updated menu. Both filling, and design has changed.
    In the section of snack 3 new dishes have appeared: бабагануш with sauce of a tsatsika and vegetable salsa (320 rub), the baked paprika from a tsatsika and almonds petals (370 rub) and also the Greek cheese of a Sirtaki with fresh tomatoes sauce (290 rub). To cheese give house potato fokachchin with a crisp. With the speaking name "Bolognese" add hot pepper to new burger халапеньо and the Mexican sauce to a chipotla (420 rub), and the combination of the Bologna sausage of a mortadella and pistachios (370 rub) became the next original stuffing for a company pizzetta. One more dish which surely should be ordered for lunch in Burger&Pizzetta – rich soup from bull tails with a celery and peas chick-pea (320 rub). The section of hot dishes have filled up a chicken hip-syuvid with broccoli in tempura and sweet-sour sauce (420 rub), fragrant risotto with cepes and truffle oil (520 rub) and pasta чиз "5 cheeses" with an appetizing mix from mozzarella, parmesan, a fontin, эмменталя and gorgonzola (500 rub). Close
  • Daily at il FORNO restaurants professional cooks teach little guests to make the real Italian pizza. Each child receives the fascinating book certificate for passing of lessons of school, every season – thematically new.
    Master classes take place in open kitchens of restaurants in real time, preliminary record isn't required. Here children are learned to knead and to correctly roll dough, to spread necessary ingredients of a stuffing and to accurately send preparation to the furnace. After pizza is made, each participant receives a mark in the colourful certificate which in addition contains the developing games, a coloring and stories. After passing of 5 lessons the child receives a soft toy, and after the 9th lesson the certificate on receiving a special gift in network of Kenguru salons. The cost of 1 occupation at school – 649 rub/people (including Margarita pizza). Close
  • New dishes in the menu harmoniously combine the Italian gastronomic traditions and fashionable trends. To guests suggest to look in a new way at habitual dishes, to experiment a little with a combination of ingredients and … to derive pleasure! And, both gastronomic, and esthetic — giving of each dish is worthy his taste.
    As new snack offer allsorts of bruschettas (1299 rubles) with various Italian toppings (jerked beef of a brezaoll, Parma and cheese "blyu chiz", cream cheese burrata, marinated artichokes, a tuna and sauce to a guakomola, etc.). Fans of seafood should taste carpaccio from an octopus with cherry potatoes, haricot, arugula, olives of a tadzhaska and baked pepper sauce (799 rubles). That who loves snack "more thoroughly" will suit Antipasti-italiano — Parma ham, a brezaolla, pikilyo peppers, royal olives and a mix of refined cheeses (1299 rubles). In the section of soups two novelties: tomato cream cheese soup burrata (389 rubles) and rich mushroom broth in which champignons, oyster mushrooms and cepes, and potatoes of cherry and булгур are combined (599 rubles). What Italian restaurant without pizza and paste! And in these sections interesting novelties have appeared. Focaccia with cream cheese burrata, fresh tomatoes and a basil (1149 rubles) will perfectly add first courses, but can act and as independent hot appetizer. Con Bottarga pizza (699 rubles) — for those who love courageous decisions and not against to taste a combination of caviar of a bottarg, squids and marinated artichokes. 5 cheeses pizza (899 rubles) will be pleasant to admirers of classics: in her mozzarella, gorgonzola, креметто, parmesan and Camembert supplement each other. And spaghetti with a lobster, cherry tomatoes and the Tabasco sauce (1999 rubles), spaghetti with caviar of a bottarg, squids, Kenyan haricot and chili pepper (749 rubles) is what during an instant will dispel autumn melancholy! Close
  • We renew hot DJ-sets in Burger&Pizzetta! Now on Thursdays from 19:00 till 22:00 and on Fridays and Saturdays from 20:00 till 23:00 for you the best graduates of vocational school of DJing Umaker will play.
    Umaker is a place of concentration of eminent DJs, the best teachers of the musical industry, club promoters, organizers of festivals and young people. Umaker is a unique platform which will help to realize creative potential at all who aren't indifferent to beautiful and qualitative electronic music. The official site of school - Close


Craft Kitchen: A new gastropub from il FORNO Group

The restaurant holding company il FORNO Group is proud to present a new gastropub offering three hundred varieties of bottled and draft beer, international cuisine, a game area, live broadcasts of major sporting events, and a panoramic view of the Russian capital.

Craft Kitchen opened its doors in August 2017 at the Euro Mall, next to the holding's another project, the Burger & Pizzetta restaurant. The kitchen is managed by the chef Alexander Borzenko (Glenuill, Zupperia, Bread & Meat), and the beer selection, by il FORNO's head bartender Oleg Kashin. The philosophy beyond the gastronomy is foodpairing, so the majority of the dishes - the sauce for the molten chocolate cake included - are prepared with beer as one of the ingredients.

The culinary virtuosos of Craft Kitchen experiment with Oriental flavors, offering Magadan shrimps smoked on premises with pearwood chips (400 rubles for one-person serving), Volga crayfish fried in soy sauce with garlic and fresh chili (710 rubles for one-person serving), seven kinds of caviar (from 150 rubles for 30 g), and vegetables pickled in oak barrels (from 100 rubles per 100 g). The beer snacks section includes but is not limited to bear, elk, coho salmon, and broad whitefish (from 200 rubles for 50 g) as well as healthy food alternatives: vegetable straws with cauliflower and tzatziki (300 rubles) and buckwheat, rice, and shrimp fitness chips mix with tapenade sauce (290 rubles). In the soup section, the chef recommends the fragrant Thai tom yum with squid and shrimps (490 rubles) and the thick German lentil soup with sausages (300 rubles). Some of the items worth trying among the main courses are pulled beef sous vide with celery root gratin rapide and green peas (660 rubles), crispy chicken fillet with bresaola, camembert, and potato balls (790 rubles), and sea bass fish & chips in beer batter (590 rubles).

With the geography of bottled and draft beer extending from Japan to Ireland, the Craft Kitchen selection is represented by more than 300 varieties in constant rotation. Draft beer prices start from 290 rubles a glass. A professional beer sommelier is ready to assist guests with choosing the precise sort to match the dishes ordered. Also, every Craft Kitchen guest is welcome to taste one of four beer sets: pale, dark, fruit, or the full (16-variety) set.

The new gastropub's interior design is yet another creation of the architect Maria Zhukova and the MMZ PROJECT team (Burger & Pizzetta, Erwin, Duran Bar, Food Embassy, and others). The first thing guests see upon entering is a glass cold room with barrels of draft beer, followed by a large classic bar counter of polished concrete. The wall behind the bar is decorated with a pair of authentic stained glass paintings with mirror inserts, while the other wall sports a hand-painted world map of beer styles. The game area featuring wide-screens for sports broadcasts, foosball, table hockey, and pro darts, as well as an original lighting solution, contribute to the ambience of the place.

Average check: 1,500 rubles.
Opening hours: Sun - Thu 11:00 to 23:00, Fri - Sat 11:00 to 00:00.
Phone: +7 (495) 968 53 73
Address: Kievsky Station Square, 2, Euro Mall
2nd floor, the Berlin atrium


TC Evropeysky, square. Kiev station, 2nd floor, atrium Berlin

Tel.:+7 (495) 968 53 73


Working hours:
Mon-Thu 10.00 a.m. - 23.00 a.m.
Fri-Sun 10.00 a.m. - 00.00 p.m.