• 15June
    To the 2018 FIFA World Cup the chef of restaurant holding il FORNO Group Alexander Borzenko has presented gastronomic sets of snack on the company. Details
    From June 14 to July 15 гастропаб Craft Kitchen in Evropeysky shopping Center will offer football fans and fans a special big set on the amicable company. On a huge tray – a variety of the snack which are ideal for beer. Quesadilla with chicken and sour cream, брецель with coarse sea salt and mustard, rye toasts with garlic and sauce of a tsatsika, allsorts of dried fish, sharp and sweet chicken wings with sauce ponzu-mayonnaise, a pile with tomato salsa, cheese sauce, to the guakamola and sour cream, straws from fresh vegetables with sauce of a tsatsika and French fries with ketchup – everything together costs 4900 rub. More modest on number, but not less hazardous companies of fans in Craft Kitchen and in recently opened kraftovy brewery Poet Brewery&Bar on Arm can order a small gastronomic set. This variation, besides already mentioned classical German pretzel, chicken wings, rye a toast and big-heads, includes also other tasty snack. Among them – appetizing клаб sandwich, forshmak from a herring with the Borodino toasts and potato chips spirals with cheese. The cost of a small set in Craft Kitchen – 1900 rub, and in Poet Brewery&Bar – 1800 rub.
  • 28May
    In a gastropaba of Craft Kitchen (il FORNO Group) the impressive international menu became even more, and the bar card was replenished with the range of bottle beer from the participating countries of World Cup 2018. Details
    Here were thoroughly prepared for the main sports event of this summer – to the FIFA World Cup – 2018 – and have entered popular dishes of the different countries into the menu, offering guests the most wide gastronomic choice. Have added an easy mix from fresh vegetables with egg to the section of salads plows, fennel and sour cream (350 rub) and also a stake salad with ricotta and tomatoes (450 rub). In the list of snack of updating in the form of the baked Camembert with berry sauce (350 rub), quesadillas with chicken and sour cream (420 rub) and такос on the Borodino toasts with sprats and sauce cream-chiz (280 rub). Klab-sandwich on white bread with chicken breaded, cheese and vegetables (660 rub) will be suitable for dense having a snack. For lunch it is possible to order borsch (380 rub) or okroshka with beef: on kefir, on kvass and on kvass from kimchi (all on 320 rub). And after – to pass to hot. The chief recommends a salmon on a grill with rice or with mashed potatoes and a green salad (690 rub), the crackling pike perch with Cole Slou and the 1000 islands sauce (550 rub), a lasagna a bolognese (550 rub), allsorts of sausages (650 rub) and a chicken of BBQ with the baked potatoes and tartare sauce (580 rub). During the FIFA World Cup, from June 14 to July 15, in Craft Kitchen it will be possible to follow the developments – гастропаб will show broadcasts of matches – and to taste bottle beer from the participating countries. Belgian ламбик Lindemans Kriek with pleasant notes of almonds and a cherry stone (300 rub of/250 ml), the English Wychwood Ginger Beard with powerful taste of sugar ginger (470 rub of/500 ml), the German grain Hofbrau Original lager (420 rub of/500 ml) – the wide range will be exposed on the certain shelf of World Cup 2018.
  • 11April
    Live broadcasts of the most important sports events in Craft Kitchen in April! Details
    Schedule of broadcastings: Monday.23.04. 19:25. Spartak-Akhmat. Tuesday.24.04. 19:55. Hockey of CSKA-Akbars. Cup-final of Gagarin. Thursday.26.04. 18:30. Hockey. Akbars-CSKA. Cup-final of Gagarin. Saturday.28.04. 17:00. Hockey. Sweden-Russia. 21:40. Inter Juventus. Championship of Italy. Sunday.29.04. 12:55. Hockey. Russia-Czech Republic. 15:55. Zenit CSKA. 18:25. Manchester United-arsenal. Championship of England.

other news

  • The chef of Burger&Pizzetta restaurants Beat Shabani has submitted the big seasonal menu.
    Light salads from fresh vegetables, fruit and grain – must have of any summer table. For this reason with approach of heat in Burger&Pizzetta the green mix with a medlar, a kinoa and orange and yogurt sauce (470 rub), tartare sauce from shrimps with tomatoes and avocado with ginger gas station (420 rub) has appeared. From snack the chef suggests to taste egg also the saute from the baked eggplants with a celery root, tomatoes and pine nuts (350 rub) plows on the Borodino toast with the guakamol and tomatoes (320 rub). Cooks okroshka in Burger&Pizzetta with beef and sprouts of soy on kvass and on kefir (both on 350 rub). One more variation of seasonal cold soup – a tomato gazpacho with strachatelly and pepper халапеньо (350 rub). To him it is possible to order pastries from potatoes – fokachchin a whim with песто (420 rub). A fragrant chicken of teriyaki with fennel and sauce ромеско from the baked paprika with almonds (620 rub), mini-shish kebabs from chicken – suvlak which move on skewers with fresh tomatoes and sauce of a tsatsika (480 rub), and fettuchin with a seabass, marinated artichokes and cherry (570 rub) became the main characters of the section of hot dishes. From desserts it is possible to order gentle mango souffle (320 rub), and from cold drinks – coffee ice with halfy and pistachios on soy milk and amaretto (on 290 rub). In day, hot, free from a car and work, it is worth drinking sangria here – berry and pineapple (300 ml / 370 rub, 1 l / 900 rub). Close
  • FORNETTO is not only tasty (real Italian!) food, but also entertainments! For adults the show pizza acrobatics will become a bright impression, and wait for little guests at school young пиццайоло.
    From a show pizza acrobatics takes the breath away, in the master's hands simple dough begins to do dizzy tricks, stretching to the improbable sizes, flying up up and being turned in dynamic dance. Such show will become an excellent gift or addition to a friendly party. We invite our little guests in school young пиццайоло – and we open for them secrets of preparation of pizza. At our school everything is serious! Each pupil comprehends science at once in practice, having dressed a cook uniform and having armed with professional tools. Under the leadership of the skilled cook beginners пиццайоло make the first pizza, connecting dough, sauce and stuffings in a whole. Several minutes in the furnace – and result of training can be tasted! Our school – ideal option of a children's birthday and an excellent way to entertain children who have come to FORNETTO together with adults. Close
  • Fish, shrimps, crabs, artichokes, berries – submits the seasonal proposal of il FORNO restaurants taste and aroma of the real Italian summer. The new seasonal menu has turned out interesting, bright and in Italian generous.
    For example, the useful and adored by gourmets artichoke in il FORNO is baked with sauces from anchovies and tartare sauce (1299 rub). From "flower vegetable" cook carpaccio with cheese of a gran it is given (1199 rub), he is added to tuna, egg and Kenyan haricot salad (999 rub). To vegetarians and eager for sharp impressions recommend to try Pimentos de Padron (709 rub) – a green pepper dish with sea salt which is called "the Russian culinary roulette". Fans of a bird should stop the choice on light salad with a marinated chicken on a grill (699 rub), and to fans of crude fish - on тирадито from a dolphin with hot sauce (699 rub) and carpaccio from a red tuna with capers (999 rub). The variation with strachatelly, yellow tomatoes and anchovies (799 rub) became a novelty among specialty pizzas. As a main course this summer in il FORNO it is possible to order crab cutlet with a green asparagus (1199 rub), risotto with carpaccio from pink shrimps (899 rub), an appetizing talyatta from beef (999 rub) or gentle veal in Milan (1299 rub). In the list of sweet novelties: a fresh wild strawberry in strawberry juice with vanilla ice cream (899 rub), the Sicilian cannoli with ricotta and fresh berries (499 rub), yogurt cream with cherry and an almond krambl (359 rub). Close
  • We watch football in Limonchino! We look, we are ill, perfectly we spend time in the company of friends! In Limonchino – broadcast of all matches of World Cup 2018 on plasma screens.
    It is possible to settle down in the main hall or on a cozy summer verandah where it is always quiet and peaceful. Let will win a football game the strongest, and in Limonchino all win! Close
  • The summer has come! And together with him – time of easy juicy dishes from seasonal products. Settle down more conveniently on a summer verandah of Limonchino restaurant and enjoy taste of dishes from the summer menu!
    The combination of a tuna, Kenyan haricot and artichoke, perhaps, will seem to you unusual, but "in the company" with leaves of fresh salad and company gas station they create remarkable harmonious taste (999 rub). It is worth tasting also chicken salad a grill, avocado and a sweet tomato (699 rub) – it the dish will perfectly load you with vitamins and energy. As ideal summer cold appetizer carpaccio from an artichoke with cheese of a gran is offered it is served (1199 rub). For certain it will be pleasant to fans of meat of the talyat from beef with mustard sauce (999 rub) also the veal in Milan complemented with ripe fragrant tomatoes salad (1699 rub). And fans of fish and seafood will be pleasantly surprised with unusual taste тирадито from a dolphin (699 rub) and crab cutlets in combination with a green asparagus (1199 rub). Pay attention to the interesting section of the summer menu in Limonchino – dishes to two persons. Conveniently, it is practical, is tasty and … it is romantic! Quite so – for two – orekyetta paste with seafood (1999 rub) is offered, to spaghetti with meatballs in tomato sauce (1499 rub) and three more original Italian dishes. As a dessert fruit and berries, for example a fragrant wild strawberry with vanilla ice cream (899 rub) and soft yogurt cream with cherry and an almond krambl (359 rub) are offered. Close
  • The light salads refreshing soups and traditional Italian dishes – in the summer menu the brand chief of FORNETTO network to Andrey Ivanov was succeeded to connect harmoniously traditions of the Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, having created dishes which are ideal for summer – very tasty and very bright!
    From snack are presented in the summer menu duck and goat cheese salad (599 rubles) is a combination though classical, but thanks to interesting gas station it is capable to surprise even exacting gourmets. Also salad in which the salad mix connects, a tuna, potatoes a share and egg is interesting – the dish is really magnificent both on taste, and on the giving. Gourmets for certain will like feta cheese with honey honeycombs and fokachin (389 rubles) and also juicy to a sevicha from a tuna with a cucumber (489 rubles). In the summer cold soups with a large number of vegetables are especially tasty – they perfectly sate and load with energy, but at the same time very easy. In FORNETTO offer guests traditional okroshka on kvass or kefir (299 rubles), the Andalusian gazpacho (359 rubles) and oxalic soup (359 rubles). What summer without darlings all of paste, pizzas and risotto? Choose: spaghetti with truffle cream and botargy of a yolk (599 rubles), dry-cured ham and parmesan ravioli (489 rubles), truffle cream ravioli "4 cheeses" (599 rubles), saffron-yellow risotto with a comb (599 rubles), pizza on the rye test with a pear and gorgonzola (589 rubles). Fans of seafood will be satisfied with mussels of Marinar (659 rubles) (don't forget to order to them wine), and to fans of meat - the duck leg with the sweet potato baked in wine sauce (719 rubles) is offered. And dessert! The pastry chef of FORNETTO Anna Izotova has prepared refined sweet entertainments: the pear in wine with chocolate and apricot mousse (429 rubles) literally melts in the mouth, making fine couple to tea or coffee. We recommend to taste surely roll with air cream, berries and pistachios (339 rubles). And if you want something unusual, safely order blackberry strawberry ice cream soup (309 rubles). Close


Craft Kitchen: A new gastropub from il FORNO Group

The restaurant holding company il FORNO Group is proud to present a new gastropub offering three hundred varieties of bottled and draft beer, international cuisine, a game area, live broadcasts of major sporting events, and a panoramic view of the Russian capital.

Craft Kitchen opened its doors in August 2017 at the Euro Mall, next to the holding's another project, the Burger & Pizzetta restaurant. The kitchen is managed by the chef Alexander Borzenko (Glenuill, Zupperia, Bread & Meat), and the beer selection, by il FORNO's head bartender Oleg Kashin. The philosophy beyond the gastronomy is foodpairing, so the majority of the dishes - the sauce for the molten chocolate cake included - are prepared with beer as one of the ingredients.

The culinary virtuosos of Craft Kitchen experiment with Oriental flavors, offering Magadan shrimps smoked on premises with pearwood chips (400 rubles for one-person serving), Volga crayfish fried in soy sauce with garlic and fresh chili (710 rubles for one-person serving), seven kinds of caviar (from 150 rubles for 30 g), and vegetables pickled in oak barrels (from 100 rubles per 100 g). The beer snacks section includes but is not limited to bear, elk, coho salmon, and broad whitefish (from 200 rubles for 50 g) as well as healthy food alternatives: vegetable straws with cauliflower and tzatziki (300 rubles) and buckwheat, rice, and shrimp fitness chips mix with tapenade sauce (290 rubles). In the soup section, the chef recommends the fragrant Thai tom yum with squid and shrimps (490 rubles) and the thick German lentil soup with sausages (300 rubles). Some of the items worth trying among the main courses are pulled beef sous vide with celery root gratin rapide and green peas (660 rubles), crispy chicken fillet with bresaola, camembert, and potato balls (790 rubles), and sea bass fish & chips in beer batter (590 rubles).

With the geography of bottled and draft beer extending from Japan to Ireland, the Craft Kitchen selection is represented by more than 300 varieties in constant rotation. Draft beer prices start from 290 rubles a glass. A professional beer sommelier is ready to assist guests with choosing the precise sort to match the dishes ordered. Also, every Craft Kitchen guest is welcome to taste one of four beer sets: pale, dark, fruit, or the full (16-variety) set.

The new gastropub's interior design is yet another creation of the architect Maria Zhukova and the MMZ PROJECT team (Burger & Pizzetta, Erwin, Duran Bar, Food Embassy, and others). The first thing guests see upon entering is a glass cold room with barrels of draft beer, followed by a large classic bar counter of polished concrete. The wall behind the bar is decorated with a pair of authentic stained glass paintings with mirror inserts, while the other wall sports a hand-painted world map of beer styles. The game area featuring wide-screens for sports broadcasts, foosball, table hockey, and pro darts, as well as an original lighting solution, contribute to the ambience of the place.

Average check: 1,500 rubles.
Opening hours: Sun - Thu 11:00 to 23:00, Fri - Sat 11:00 to 00:00.
Phone: +7 (495) 968 53 73
Address: Kievsky Station Square, 2, Euro Mall
2nd floor, the Berlin atrium


TC Evropeysky, square. Kiev station, 2nd floor, atrium Berlin

Tel.:+7 (495) 968 53 73


Working hours:
Mon-Thu 10.00 a.m. - 23.00 a.m.
Fri-Sun 10.00 a.m. - 00.00 p.m.